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In the Speech Learning lab we investigate phonetic variability - how pronunciations change from instance to instance - and how this shapes speech perception. We’re also interested in how listeners and learners adapt to the phonetic patterns of their linguistic environment and what happens when those patterns change. We have a special interest in how individuals differ in both patterns of production and perception abilities.

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Lab Members

Dr. Meghan Clayards
Associate Professor
Linguistics   SCSD
Alvaro Iturralde Zurita
PhD student
Marcelo Vieira
PhD student
Claire Honda
PhD student
Wei Zhang
PhD student
Connie Ting
PhD student
Xuanda Chen
PhD student
Alex Zhai
PhD student

Recent Graduates

Dr. Bing'er Jiang
PhD 2021
Dr. Sarah Colby
PhD 2018
Dr. Donghyun Kim
PhD 2018
Jiaer Tao
MA 2018

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  • Vieira, M., Clayards, M., Auclaire Oulette, N. (2020) Acoustic correlates of laryngeal control: Parkinson's and healthy older adults. Poster presented virtually at Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.
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Meghan Clayards

Email: meghan.clayards [at] mcgill.ca

Department of Linguistics

1085 Ave Dr. Penfield, Montréal, Quebec

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

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