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In the Speech Learning lab we investigate phonetic variability - how pronunciations change from instance to instance - and how this shapes speech perception. We’re also interested in how listeners and learners adapt to the phonetic patterns of their linguistic environment and what happens when those patterns change. We have a special interest in how individuals differ in both patterns of production and perception abilities.

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Lab Members

Dr. Meghan Clayards
Assistant Professor
Linguistics   SCSD
Hye-Young Bang
Ph.D. Student
Sarah Colby
Ph.D. Student
Donghyun Kim
Ph.D. Student

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  • Bang, H.-Y., Clayards., M., Goad, H. (2017) Compensatory Strategies in the Developmental Patterns of English /s/: Gender and Vowel Context Effects. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.Vol. 60, 571-591. doi:10.1044/2016_JSLHR-L-15-0381 [pre print]
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  • Killbourne-Cerone, O., Wagner, M., Clayards, M. (accepted 2016) The effect of production planning locality on external sandhi:a study in /t/. Proceedings of the Chicago Linguistics Association.[pdf]
  • Knowles, T., Clayards, M., Sonderegger, M., Wagner, M., Nadig, A., Onishi, K. (2015) Automatic forced alignment on child speech: Directions for improvement. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, 25:1, 6 pages.doi:10.1121/1.4801082
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  • Bang, HY, Sonderegger, M., Clayards, M. (2017, April) Speaker variability in cue weighting for laryngeal contrasts: the relationship to sound change. Poster presented at the 4th Workshop on Sound Change, Edinborough, UK.[Poster]
  • Colby, S., Poulton, V., Clayards, M. (2017, April) Inhibition predicts lexical competition in older adults’ spoken word recognition. Poster presentation at Speech Perception and Production Across the Lifespan, London, UK.[Poster]
  • Kim, D & Clayards, M. (2016, December). Individual differences in the relation between perception and production and mechanisms of phonetic imitation. Poster presentation at the Acoustical Society of America, Honolulu, Hawaii. [Poster]
  • Jiang, B. & Clayards, M. (2016, December). Cue weighting of voice quality, pitch, and tonal contour in the tonal register contrast in Chinese Wu dialects. Poster presentation at the Acoustical Society of America, Honolulu, Hawaii.[Poster]
  • Colby, S., Clayards, M., & Baum, S. (2016, November). Lexically-guided and distributional learning for speech in younger and older adults. Poster presented at Congrès international en orthophonie et en audiologie (International Conference on Speech Language Pathology and Audiology), Universiteì de Montreìal, Montreal, Canada. [Poster]

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Meghan Clayards

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